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Elementary Music and Southminster Ensemble/German

The elementary music program is lead by Mrs. Gabriele Hodges. The children sing more complex pieces and are introduced to music theory and instruments. The children regularly perform at services of Southminster Church and in school programs. They also have to opportunity to audition for smaller ensembles which compete at ASCI competitions.

The Southminster School Ensemble is an award winning vocal group consisting of students in the first through sixth grade. Twenty students are selected during yearly auditions and students commit to a weekly after school practice. Led by Music Director, Gabriele Hodges, students develop their vocal skills and perform an expansive repertoire in their community throughout the year. In addition, the Southminster School Ensemble is invited to participate in the church services at Southminster Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. Hodges, a native of Germany, will also be conducting a German outclass for 5th and 6th graders. More to come!

Spanish/Latin/Sign Language

Spanish lessons are a part of the weekly curriculum for students in pre-kindergarten, bridge, and kindergarten through sixth grade. Beginning with basic vocabulary through more complex sentence structure and concepts, our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Julie Ruiz, uses song and visual aids to impart a multi-sensory lesson. Elementary students in second through sixth grade are tested and graded on the course work presented to them.

New this year, Mrs. Ruiz will teach the 5th and 6th graders Latin and Sign Language. More to come!

Phyiscal Education and Library

During this weekly class, Mrs. Kathy Clark teaches students to incorporate skill building techniques with lessons in team building, nutrition and health. This structured physical education program gives students an opportunity to build endurance and cardiovascular strength while enjoying fun activities. Southminster School believes that maintaining a strong, health body positively impacts each student's mind. For this reason, physical education is a regular part of their learning.

Mrs. Clark is available to assist students in selecting the appropriate books for their skill level and interest. Students in the Pre-K through 6th grade have an opportunity to visit the library, listen to stories, and develop library skills when they visit once a week. The 30,000 plus volume library includes the latest Newbery, Caldecott, and Bluebonnet books among other classics and new selections. Reference materials are available to help students with class research projects and develop special interests.

Computer Technology

Each elementary class, grades PreK-6th receives 30 minutes of computer technology instruction once a week from Mrs. Maria Botti. Mrs. Botti focuses on beginning computer skills, developing typing and word processing, mouse skills, computer terminology and Internet safety with the lower grades. The upper elementary will utilize this foundation to develop more diverse skills including PowerPoint presentations, charts/graphs, email, research, document sharing and numerous other applications. Objectives from the classroom will also be reinforced in the computer lab.